The 770th Radar Squadron, part of the 20th Aid Division was located at Ft. George Meade,
Maryland. The site was north of Washington D.C. and south of Baltimore, Md. When I was assigned
to the 770th in 1974 it included an Army Nike site. The Army de-activated the site a few months later
and removed the last missle. The radar site housed a search radar, fps-67b and a height-finder,
fps-90. As part of the SAGE system data from the site was sent to the 20th AD at Ft. Lee, Virginia.
The members of the 770th lived in WWII era barracks but everyone had their own room. During my
tour I was assigned to the search tower and we replaced two klystrons and the main "bull" gear from
the antenna. It was a great site to be assigned with the cities of Washington and Baltimore just 30
minutes away. It was the opposite of a remote site.  - Sgt. B. Colvil (1974-1976)
The 770th Radar Sq. 1975 - search tower on the
right and the height tower on the left, behind the
power generator building.
Height Tower looking from the Search Tower
Enlisted barracks - World War II era.
Search Tower
view from the parking lot
Height Finder
Radar - 770th
Radar Squadron
-SAGE System -
US Air Force, Air Defense Command, 20th Air Division, 770th Radar Squadron
AN/FPS-67B Search Radar
AN/FPS-90 Height Finder
Fort George G. Meade, Maryland
Receiver Cabinet for AN/FPS-67B
Birds Eye View of the 770th Radar Site looking north
View of the Height Tower and
the Search Tower
Search Tower for the AN/FPS-67B with
the Height Tower in the background
770th Airmen
Thanks to Brennan Guy for his photos
and his South Carolina 770 RDR tag
B. Guy Photo
B. Guy Photo
A1C M. Small and Sgt. B. Guy
B. Colvil Photo
B. Colvil Photo
B. Colvil Photo
B. Colvil Photo
B. Colvil Photo
B. Colvil Photo
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