Colvil Family
Brett Brian Beth Joe and Bruce 1970s
Mom and Dad with Beth 1961
Family Portrait 1976
Family Portrait 1982
Bruce and Sky at Eric's Wedding
Beth and Bruce 1976
Brett and Brian
Brian Brett and Bruce - Cub Scouts 1964
Brett at work for the MTA
Bruce and Brian 2008
Brian and Brett at Staten Island Ferry
Bruce Brian and Brett with Motorcycles
New Years Party 2012 at Debbie's
Geralyn Stephanie and Dan at Eric's Wedding
Brian Sky Brett Bruce and Jocko
The Bouchard Family 1919
Dad and Brett
Brian and the Staten Island Ferry
Cousins at Steph Wedding
Eric and Melissa
The Bouchard Family 1945
The Bouchard Family 1963
Ron Lisa Patty Teresa and Mom Rita Vasconcellos
Robert and Irene Colvil from Scotland
Dad and Anna Gannon Colvil 1946
Findlay McClelland Colvil and
Anna May Gannon 1950
Brett Brian and Bruce
Brett and Mary
Craig and Abi's Wedding
September 2016 with Craig and
Fiona Houghton on left and Craig
and Carli and children Owen and
Ava on right
Barbara Dowiak Geralyn Fr. Calder
Bruce and Brett March 15 1985 in
Brooklyn NY Our Lady of Angels
Brett and Mary's Wedding
November 5 1977 on Staten Island
Findaly Anna and Muriel and Gerard
Wedding 1950
Robert Colvil and Sharon Colvil at
a Scottish Castle 2013
Sharon Colvil and Bruce Colvil
Sailing on The Northern Wind
Robert Colvil at Edinburgh Castle
Grave stone of Stephen Colvil son
John Colvil and wife Agnes and
daughter Anne
Terri and Gary Colvil in NYC
Grandmother Martha, Mom and
Grandfather Hap Bouchard1949
Leona Clermont and Pierre Bouchard
on their Wedding Day
Fina and Karl Nilsson on their
Wedding Day 1904