This is the Pacific Cruise 1945-46 of the USS Tenino, ATF-115. A
fleet tug the Tenino was used to tow damaged ships to repair docks
or, if the ship was too damaged, sink them out in deep water. A 5
inch deck gun was used to punch holes along the water line to flood
the damaged ship. The Tenino during this cruise towed the battle
ship Pennsylvannia, with three other navy tugs, from Okinawa to
Guam. My dad joined the Tenio in Okinawa and was assigned to the
ships armory. They sailed to the Philippines for upgrades at Subic
Bay, weathered a typhoon and stopped back in Okiawa. Sailling to
islands like Palau, Saipan, Iwo Jima, the Marshall's islands, including
Truk, and Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. He then sallied  the
Pacific until 1946 when the ship stopped in Hawaii then onto Long
Beach, California.
Seaman First Class Gerard Colvil